What’s New For 2014

Posted: 26th March 2014 by Paul in Car Talk

With the CRX off the road from the VI notice, I only managed to do one large trip for 2013. I expect to finish the needed work on the CRX and get the inspection done in the near future, but until then I’ve picked up a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham for daily driving and highway trips. I also expect to be working more with video during my trips. Currently waiting for the snow risk to clear from some of the major highways before heading back out on the road.

Yellowstone And My Search For America

Posted: 21st October 2013 by Paul in Road Trips

My big trip for 2013 put me across Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. From Canada I crossed into the US near Creston and spent the night in Coeur d’Alene. The next day was spent driving east along I90 until stopping in Livingston at a B&B right at the edge of Yellowstone. Driving the loop through Yellowstone itself took an entire day with several stops to view the scenery. Exploring further into the park with hiking along the many trails would require a longer stay. Also checked out the scenic Beartooth Highway which crosses through Montana into Wyoming, though unfortunately ran into a combination of rain and fog through most of the way. Took a number of smaller highways around Montana to explore some of the great views and small towns. On the way out of Montana, I stopped at the Granite ghost mining town near Philipsburg. My return route into Canada crossed through Idaho and into Washington, with an overnight stop in Colville. It was quite the trip and I have future plans to revisit the area when I can dedicate more time to exploration.

Take a look at some of the photos from my trip.

GoPro Hero 3 White – low light dashcam test

Posted: 3rd February 2013 by Paul in Videos

So I have picked up a GoPro Hero 3 White edition to toy around with. I would have much preferred the Hero 3 Black but at an additional $200 I couldn’t justify the cost at this time. My primary use will be daytime dash cam and other normal lighting situations, but for fun I grabbed some video from my car at night. It isn’t the greatest at low light, but it seems good enough.

Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator & QX5 Sequencer

Posted: 30th December 2012 by Paul in Audio Talk, Videos

Quick video I put together of some audio equipment I picked up recently.

Honda OBD0 DPFI-MPFI Distributor Hack

Posted: 19th November 2012 by Paul in Car Talk

I have attached a quick example of how to wire a DPFI distributor to a MPFI Honda. This should only be used as a temporary measure to move the car a short distance, as the car will run in “limp mode” with a 3k RPM rev limit. My D16Y7 was just swapped in and I had somehow misplaced my old distributor but needed to move my car out of the shop until I could source the proper distributor.

Highway 23 – Big Bend

Posted: 19th November 2012 by Paul in Highway Talk

A highway I have driven many times for a long relaxing trip with a low amount of traffic is highway 23 north of Revelstoke. It is also listed as the “big bend” highway, likely due to the large bend around an arm of Revelstoke Lake. The highway itself is a dead end, so you’ll generally only encounter logging trucks and tourists stopping at the various camp grounds along the route. I believe it is over 300km round trip out of Revelstoke, so a full tank of gas is required as there are no fuel stops.

Slocan Valley Route

Posted: 19th November 2012 by Paul in Highway Talk

A nice long day drive I enjoy quite a bit is the loop around the Slocan Valley area. This takes you through Castlegar, Slocan, Silverton, New Denver, Kaslo and Nelson. This area can be accessed from Kelowna either by highway 6 (Lumby/Cherryville) and the connecting ferry, or the route I personally take which is highway 33 through to highway 3. See the map below.

This is a long drive but offers great scenery and is an all around fun route.

Video: Mac Quadra 840AV

Posted: 29th July 2012 by Paul in Tech Talk, Videos
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Made this quick video about one of my old computer systems; the Apple Macintosh Quadra 840AV. This is one of the fastest Macs released with the Motorola 68040 processor. I have several other old Macs which will be included in future videos.

My CRX got a VI ticket – New motor time!

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Paul in Car Talk, Videos
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Sugar Lake Dam – 6/11/2012

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Paul in Videos
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I made a drive out to Cherryville, BC on June 11th and stopped at the viewpoint for the Sugar Lake Dam. There has been quite a bit of rainfall lately, and flooding is starting to happen in several areas of the province. The video below shows the flow rate at the dam which appears to be much faster than my last visit earlier this year.