About Me

By Paul

My Work
I have a heavy background in Information Technology, also with a number of years in retail and inside sales. I also carry a BC forklift ticket and have experience operating some heavy machinery. I joined a dot-com startup out of high school, primarily working with online promotion and marketing of the site. I have been managing numerous Linux/BSD based systems for over a decade, and I now work in a high security Internet datacenter with a focus on cloud computing and various other enterprise level solutions.

My Projects
I am most well known for creating and maintaining the Higher Intellect project which currently hosts over 750,000 documents and images on a large variety of subjects. The project has been in operation since 2001 and continues to grow. I am also working on another side project for the online dating market (CupidClick Dating), as well as an artist showcase for Canadian indie musicians. I do also keep a few smaller sites running including Broke At 30, OMGWTFBBQ, netfreak music and Instaderp.

My Hobbies
As my road tripping activities increased, I decided to jump into a DSLR camera rig as my previous camera was a little too basic for my needs. My setup is fairly low end but seems to work nicely with my current ability level. Over time I would like to explore more with the camera to improve my skills. I also invested in a prosumer level video camera as I wanted to explore doing a video element in recording my journeys. This will also be used for some larger projects in the future.

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