August 13 – Strawberry Pass Trailhead

I casually stumbled across the “Nancy Green Summit – Strawberry Pass Trailhead” area off Highway 3B between the Highway 3 junction and Rossland while looking around at maps, so I figured I would drop by and take a look. There is a small parking area on the side of the highway, and trail map boards are set up on both sides of the highway as it seems there are trails going both north and south. It does seem that there’s more trails on the south side of the highway, and these are probably full day or multi-day trails. I only went a short distance as I didn’t have much time to hike around, but I had my full camera pack with me and wanted to try doing some more macro photos with my older 24-85mm lens. At some point I would like to find something that gets me closer but I’m OK with the results I get with this lens.