June 10 – Cache Creek / Hwy 1


For this trip I took one of my favorite drives along Highway 8 around Spences Bridge in order to look for trains along Highway 1 (Trans Canada) between Lytton and Cache Creek. While I did find some potential spots to do some shooting from, I didn’t have a chance to actually record any trains before some rain rolled in pushing me up the highway to get back into clearer skies. I didn’t happen to see any train activity in Ashcroft so I spent the evening going up and down Highway 1 looking for anywhere to stop at. The landscape along the highway on both sides of the Thompson River is quite nice so I aimed to find a spot for sunset photos. Most of my photo attempts were in the opposite direction of this particular photo, and I took this after I packed up and headed back to my car as I was parked basically right next to it. The sun had already set so the sky was looking interesting right at that moment. Took a couple snaps using my 55-200mm lens before driving off. This ended up being more interesting than the photos I had planned.