Quick Cruise and CRX Fall Photo

One change I made to the CRX recently is cutting a hole in the hood and slapping on a scoop from an old 300zx. Why? I noticed that in warmer temperatures, the engagement point in my hydraulic clutch system magically moves if the engine bay is running hot. I’m not quite sure why it happens, though perhaps something to do with the master cylinder being mounted to the transmission and close to the engine where it might get more heat than on a normal setup. Basically I just throw air in the general vicinity of the hydraulic system and somehow this helps.

We’ve still got decent weather out in BC so I’m taking every opportunity to cruise the highways before the snow hits. Today included some back roads around Princeton and Merritt, including Highway 8 which is a favorite of mine for a fun winding road. There’s a few more trips I want to get to before the winter but the status of some of the higher elevation passes may limit where I go.