New CRX Update

Earlier this year I picked up a 1991 CRX Si as a highway cruiser. These cars are getting hard to find in half decent condition so I ended up impulse buying the first one I came across. I’ve discovered that I should have passed on this one… Quick look at the work being done so far:

  • Swapped my old distributor on as the one on the car was in terrible shape
  • New clutch cable as a precaution as the old one seemed a bit worn
  • Swapped on my old car’s rear wiper assembly since for some reason the new car had just an open hole there
  • Valve cover gasket to fix the issue of spark plugs sitting in puddles of oil
  • New thermostat as I noticed the radiator fan was running non-stop even in the cold
  • Swapped my old car’s side mirrors on (new car had them painted which was fading, plus one mirror was broken)
  • Replaced the broken resistor which controls the blower motor as fan speeds 1-2 weren’t working

I’ve also discovered that the stock motor likely burns oil at high RPMs when I checking the oil level after a few days of hard driving. The body also has surface rust in a few places, and I’ve found poorly attempted rust repair jobs in a few other places. Considering the overall condition of the car, I’m not going to bother dealing with that too much. I’ll probably end up completing my B18C swap at some point and drive it for a few years until I find a better condition shell or move to another chassis.