2015 A Better Year?

2014 didn’t end up being a great year for hitting the highways. My daily driver Cadillac needed an overhaul of the rear brake system which also brought to light an issue with the axles being worn by bad bearings. Finding the parts turned out to be near impossible but the local shop handling this work managed to locate a compatible match from a Caprice, though the car loses traction control and ABS due to a special ring missing from the new axles. By the time all the work had been completed, I only had enough time to hit a few local highways before parking it for the winter. I also found that the driving experience wasn’t nearly as fun compared to my old Honda CRX.

To help kick-start 2015, I picked up some new equipment including another Honda CRX highway cruiser. Upgraded my primary video camera to a Canon XH-A1 and picked up a GoPro Hero4 Black. Deciding that I would never get around to fixing my 89 Honda CRX, I located a 91 in a nearby city and will be moving my parts over to it.