CRX B-Swap Finally Done

After owning my second CRX for about a year, I finally got around to performing a B swap. The stock motor was just too slow for me and I was getting tired of the oil burning, plus the transmission started making some bad bearing noise so I moved up my swap schedule. Here’s a breakdown of the build:

  • B18C1 bottom end with B16A head, Eagle crank, Mahle pistons, Crower rods. After not having any luck sourcing a motor local to me, this fresh rebuild popped up nearby so I impulse bought it.
  • 2001 Integra LS hydraulic transmission, Hasport CMA conversion kit, Exedy OEM clutch, ACT 12lb flywheel. I had the transmission sitting in my shop for a number of years as I bought it for my original B swap plans. Wanted to run with longer gears as most of my driving is on the highway. Axles and half-shaft to match this generation of transmission.
  • Hasport motor mounts and shift linkage for B series motor with hydraulic transmission. Had the linkage sitting around for years but ended up buying the mounts new as I didn’t want to run the old no-name type mounts I already had.
  • P28 OBD1 ECU with custom basemap from Xenocron. I had the OBD1 conversion harness from around 5 years ago, no idea what brand (if any) it is. Instructions were clear enough though.
  • B16A intake manifold, some junk eBay exhaust manifold, distributor from a 99 Civic SiR along with the instrument cluster as the CRX one wouldn’t work with an electronic VSS.
  • 90-93 Integra radiator which people claim “drops right in” which I suppose is true when you hack things apart… The stock fan also doesn’t fit with my hydro kit so I ghetto rigged the thinner¬†AC fan as the sole radiator fan.
  • Injectors and fuel rail came from the original GSR motor I was piecing together, so I deleted the CRX’s factory resistor box. Throttle cable I believe might be the original CRX one and I rigged a mounting bracket to fit the intake manifold. Throttle body ended up being from a newer B18B1 in order to get rid of FITV, and my original one had a defective TPS.
  • Some custom work was needed for the actual swap process. I was using a del sol alternator belt on a B18A1 crank pulley but still had to hammer out inside the engine bay to help with clearance. Also had to go nuts with the angle grinder to make more room for the rear T-mount and the exhaust manifold. Also had to relocate the battery as the hydraulic conversion kit is in the way.

So far everything is working decently, though I more than likely will be ditching the eBay exhaust for something that fits properly. You can check out the photos I took during this swap.