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My CRX got a VI ticket – New motor time!

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Paul in Car Talk, Videos
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Sugar Lake Dam – 6/11/2012

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Paul in Videos
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I made a drive out to Cherryville, BC on June 11th and stopped at the viewpoint for the Sugar Lake Dam. There has been quite a bit of rainfall lately, and flooding is starting to happen in several areas of the province. The video below shows the flow rate at the dam which appears to […]

Blog Addition: Video Posts

Posted: 19th June 2012 by Paul in Videos

I have added a Canon XL2 camera setup to my road trip gear and will be shooting some video on some of the trips I take. This will be my primary video camera, and features the standard 20X fluorite lens as well as a 3X wide angle lens. In the future I’ll be experimenting with […]

Downtime And Blog Rebuild

Posted: 13th June 2012 by Paul in Uncategorized

My original web host had a hardware failure and I lost a significant amount of data. I do have some ¬†backups of posts I’ve made but I lost the original database and file structure so I’m having to re-create all the posts by hand. I expect to have everything back up here shortly.